Pattern Help Needed... Average # Rows for Raglan Sleeve Hole?

I’ve been scouring raglan sleeve patterns TRYING to determine about how many rows seems to be “average” for various sizes. All the patterns I’ve found merely state to knit until ~so many inches. I’m running behind the 8 ball here and am looking for just a general number of rows that one puts on the needles in a top-town, knit in one piece raglan before splitting off the sleeves and finishing the project.:??

Can ANYONE help me??? Pretty please??? I’m BEGGING!!!:pray:

It depends on how many rows per inch. This is why row gauge is not as important as stitch gauge in a pattern; most of them have you work X inches. When doing top down raglans, you increase until it fits the person and that is so variable that it has to be measured in inches.

Okay, I think, armed with that info, I can figure out about how many rows I’m going to have to do on this baby. THANK YOU for explaining that to me.:muah: