Pattern help - motif

Hi, I would like some help with a pattern please. I have been knitting for a couple of years but have never followed a motif before.

I am knitting this pattern and I’m not quite sure how to follow the motif:

I have done some research and it seems I go from right to left for the right side of the blanket, then left to right for the wrong side?

The first four rows are just one colour so if I start from row 5 of the motif would I go from right to left, so knit 15 stitches in shade B, 2 in shade C, 5 in shade B? And then going to the row underneath that from left to right - knit 1 in shade B, purl 3 in shade B, purl 4 in shade C, purl the rest of that row in shade B? I hope that makes sense!

Thank you very much for any help in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH!
That’s an adorable blanket.
The instructions give you the first 4 rows and then have you repeat the 4 rows once more (8 rows total). (“Repeat these four rows once more, increasing one stitch at the centre of the final fourth row. 156sts.”)

After these 8 rows are complete, begin the chart. For the chart, start at the bottom and read the right side rows right to left and the wrong side rows left to right. Start with the very first row of the chart, the row at the bottom. There’ll be 6 chart rows in shade B.before the duck motif.

Hi, thank you so much for your help! I had no idea I needed to start from the bottom so I’m very pleased I asked!