Pattern help from bolero on feminine knits


I’m knitting a bolero from feminine knits book I work the smallest size. I already finished the back but when I began knit the left front I got confused :???:
Here the left front patt which I break down to make easier highlight which part I don’t understand :
The increasing part done in RS rows
Here the Lace Patt:
1 (RS). k4,yo,sl1,k2tog,psso,yo,k3 rep, k1
2. k1, p to last sts, k1
3.k1,yo,sl1,k2tog,psso,yok3,yo,sl1,k2tog,psso yo rep, k1
4. rep row 2
My question

  1. CO 11 sts, Purl 1 row, work lace pattern ( I got this part)
  2. increasing 1 sts as kfb at side seam when the piece measures 4 cm, 6.5 cm. I understand this instruction as k1, kfb, the lace patt till the end?
  3. at 8.5 cm also increasing 1 sts at side seam and at the same time CO new sts at the end of RS rows for rounded edge as foll 3 sts 2 times, 2 sts 2 times, then kfb at front edge every other rows 12 times then every 4th row 7 times working new sts into patt and at the same time when piece measures 9 cm from co ending after row 4 of lace patt , shape raglan on side edge on next rs row then every 4thh and 2nd row alternately until 10 raglan dec row have been worked 33 sts rem.
    This instruction really got me, I tried to break it every row but not sure is the right one.
    1 = k1,kfb, lace patt, CO3
    2 = k1, purl, k1
    3 = k1, lace patt, CO3
    4 = k1, purl, k1
    5 = k1, lace patt, CO2
    6 = k1, purl, k1
    7 = k1, lace patt, CO2
    then kfb at front edge ( which side this? on side seams or the opositte) if on side seams the patt become like this k1,kfb,lace patt or if on the opositte become like this k1, lace patt, kfb, k1?
    and what to do the on shape raglan part on side edge ( which side this?) :hair:

:help: Vee

Yes, that’s the pattern that I work it now. Can you help me with the front part. I’m really at my wits end

GG, thanks for the link. It’s a lovely, delicate bolero.
Vee, you did the best thing in writing out the pattern in order to keep all the “at the same times” straight.
One note, the side edge is the side seam or armhole edge and that’s where the raglan shaping will occur. The front edge is the opposite edge, the opening in the front of the finished bolero and the edge with the cast on sts to form the rounded shape.
2. Yes, placing the increases one stitch in from the edge will work.
3. The rows as you’ve written are the right idea and reflect the way the pattern is written. In fact, however when you go to cast on the new sts, you’ll turn and CO at the beginning of the purl row. That’s ok.
What happened to the increase at the armhole edge? How often was that repeated and shouldn’t it occur at the same time as the cast ons to round the front edge?
The following increases of one stitch every other row and then every 4th, are at the same edge as the CO sts, the opening in the bolero front or front edge. Yes, k1, lace patt, kfb, k1.
Raglan shaping is at the side edge or armhole edge.
One other thing. I notice there are errata listed on the Ravelry page. Have you seen those corrections?

Yes, I already read the correction part which about the inc method in the back (Pg 39) and pick up count (pg 41) none at all on the front :noway: .The left front part which almost all of it in page 39 did not have correction at all the same with the right front.
I only post the co part before cause I not sure the row where the additional co done is right. But here the one that I re-written for the left front ( the odd one only as that where the shaping happen)
5.3: k1,kfb,lace patt,co3 (8,5 cm)
6.1.k1,k1,k2tog, lace patt, co3 (9 cm)
6.3. k1, lace patt, co2
7.1.k1,k1,k2tog, lace patt, co2
7.3.k1,k1,k2tog, lace patt, kfb,k1
8.1,k1,lace patt,kfb,k1
8.3.k1,k1,k2tog, lace patt, kfb,k1
I also attach a file contain all my re-written of shaping part on the left front



What you’ve written out in the post for the left front shaping looks right. You have the cast ons and the raglan decreases in the correct sequence. (I don’t understand your row numbers but that’s not a problem, the order for the odd rows is correct.)
I’ll take a look at the attachment soon and let you know. ETA: Yes, the rows as written look right. The only thing to watch is that you stop after a row 4 in the lace pattern when you are near 9cm. So 9cm, more or less.
"…at the same time when piece measures 9 cm from co ending after row 4 of lace patt …"

My row numbering: the first number is how many repeat lace pattern I already done so if 5.1 is means I already done 4 rep lace patt and do rep number 5 the first row of the lace patten. Yes I ending it at 4th of lace pattern at 9 cm but do the raglan shaping in the next Rs row as I done it for my back piece.


OK, sounds good. I’d love to see the bolero when you finish.

Thanks so much for the help. I would send you link when I posted the finished bolero on ravelry