Pattern Help for my first project.. PLEASE HELP

Im trying to figure out what this means… I’m very new to knitting and this is my first project I want to start.

The pattern starts by saying,
“Holding 1 strand each of A and B together, cast on 84 stitches.”

Does this mean to use two peices of string and count it as one cast on? Do I knit the two strings together throughout?

Also there is a pattern for the same thing in a solid color instead of a mixed color, but the mixed colored one calles for 5 balls of two different yarns and the solid one calls for only 7. Why would this be different??

Both patterns are from lion brand website and called Plush Throws. I cant’ add them because of my post count…

One more thing, would it be better (as in easier) to use size 11 needles or one of the circular needles for a bigger project like this one??

Yes, you use two strands throughout the project as if they were one. It isn’t hard, because each stitch on the needle will be obvious as one stitch with two yarns rather than two yarns to sort. You’ll see.

As for the count, I have no clue why the difference in balls, unless they’re using different yarns and the yardage is different between the two types.

I’d recommend using the circular needles for a throw. Even though the stitches might fit on a long straight needle, the piece will get very heavy after a while and pull down on a straight, making it uncomfortable for you. A circ will hold the weight more evenly.

Yes, just hold both yarns at the same time, and knit them as one.

They are made from different yarns. The solid throw is made from Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, which is a very thick yarn. The mixed color throw is made from Jiffy. The two yarns are different thicknesses and different lengths. The pattern determines how much yarn you need based on the yardage.

I agree with Ingrid. A long circular needle (size 11, 29 inches long, or better yet 36 inches) will be much easier for a throw like that.

Good luck! :thumbsup: