Pattern help for baby sweater

I’m on the front left side of an adorable baby sweater from 10 Simple Projects for Cozy Babies by Sarah Hatton but am totally stumped by this line of the pattern:

“decrease as set on neck edge of second and 1 [2:3:2:2] following alternate rows”

I’ve started those decreases (knit to the last 4, k2tog, k2) but don’t understand where I use those in the next lines - I understand the “2nd” which would end up being the next Knit row (after purling the wrong side), but what about the next? I’ll be using the “3” - does that mean the 3rd row? Or the 3rd Knit row after the initial decrease?

Thank you!!

I take it to mean you will decrease 3 times on the knit side after initial decrease. No decreases on purl side. That’s how I read it.

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Yup, I agree with Maritoo, decrease on the next 3 knit side rows.