Pattern Help - Finishing Draw in Center

I’m about halfway through this dishcloth: Lacy Picot Swirl Cloth and just noticed that the 12" of yarn I left on my cast on to draw through the center when finished is on the [I]outside edge[/I] of my cloth. How am I going to draw it through the center to close the hole?

I cast on using a provisional cast on so I could learn to sew a seam that way but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the cast on yarn down to the center to draw it closed other than weaving it through the back of the cloth to the center.

Did I do this wrong? Thank you.

The pattern assumes you use a regular one so you must have started knitting on the wrong row after the provisional cast on. You could take out the first row so you’d have a tail in the center. I think it would still work to graft the ending edge together like you planned, or you may need to work an additional row at the end to make up for the one you take out.

Thank you. I’ll try taking out the first row. But I don’t understand how I started on the wrong row. Do you mean that I skipped the first row of knitting? That’s weird because I marked it off on my pattern. Or is there something different I need to do when using a provisional cast on?

Using a provisional CO is a bit different than using a regular one. For this pattern it matters where the tail is, so if you do it again, just make sure it’s going to be at the center of the piece. You might have to skip the first row and start with the second row; you probably didn’t this time. For other patterns, it may not matter.

Thank you so much for the explanation. I didn’t know that about the provisional cast on.

In this instance, using a provisional leaves the tail of the working yarn in the wrong place when you start with the first row, so you have to adjust. That won’t always be the case when you use a PCO, it usually doesn’t matter.