Pattern Help - Ear Flap Hat

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I am working on this pattern for a hat and I have some questions:

I am using the 11US Circular Needles to knit this.

I am stuck on this paragraph:

“Place sts on holder until other strap is worked.
Knit across 1 ear flap, turn and cast on 12(14, 16) sts for back neck, knit across other ear flap sts, turn and cast on 18(20, 22) sts for front. Place marker before joining taking care not to twist. 48(52, 60) sts.”

For the first sentence, I am assuming you place the first chin strap on a holder and then make another one. But, do you cut the yarn before you make the next one or just start knitting without cutting the yarn?

Then the part that says knit across 1 ear flap, would I just knit one more row of the flap that will already be on the needles?

And then after I knit across, what does turn and cast on mean? I’m not understanding the turn part. Would you just start casting on from where you finished knitting the last row or would I need to cast on somewhere else?

Then, with the stitches on the holder, do you just slide that back on your needles and then knit across them?

Sorry for so many questions. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Knit both flaps cutting the yarn on the first one.

To cast onto a work in progress you can use either backward loop, knitted on, or cable co. You just do it at the end of your work. What you are doing is connecting the flaps to continue with the hat. I think with some CO you’d have to turn, but not others… you might have to just start and see if it makes more sense. Or someone else will know better than I.

You can put the stitches for the first ear flap on something you can knit off off like another circ or a dpn. That makes it easier to knit from to attach to the rest of the hat.

Does that help?

Thanks Jan!

I thought that was what it meant, but wanted to make sure before I started. This makes sense.

Yes, Jan’s right. I think the “strap” is a typo - it should’ve read “flap”. Congrats on conquering your first typo in a knitting pattern - those l’il boogers can be really nasty!


Thanks Dorthy! I actually finished the project tonight and it turned out great!