Pattern Help: (Did I knit this whole sleeve for nothing? :) )

Hey needle-bums, new knitter here. Two sweaters down, working on my first cardigan.

I’m trying Charcoal Ribbed Cardigan by Kate Kuckro ( I knitted half the sleeve, and now notice my measurements are WAY off, but the pattern doesn’t make sense to me.

The only gauge proved is: 16 sts and 22 rows = 4" in garter rib (RS k all, WS k1p2) on size 8.

The sleeve starts with CO 47 on size 6s, then the cuff in ribbed k2p1 (not garter rib). A ribbed stitch is tighter than a garter rib, because the p column collapses more.

According to the schematic, the cuff is supposed to be 11.25 inches wide. Mine is 8". I don’t see how it could be 11.25". Even with the provided gauge, 47 sts would only be 8.5 inches, but that is in garter rib with size 8s. Ribbed with size 6s would be even smaller, like mine.

Is the pattern just wrong or am I missing something?

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I’m not sure why there’s a problem with the sleeve rib. There don’t seem to be problems noted by project knitters on Ravelry. What I generally do for sleeves is use the bottom rib on the back or front to wrap around my wrist. Then I can count the number to cast on and later inc or dec to get to the correct number for the sleeve body.

Oh geez… I don’t know if I’m confident to freestyle… and I’m still slow to the point where this cardigan is going to take a month.

If I can’t reconcile either a mistake in the pattern or in my knitting, I’ll probably have to abandon. I wish I could reach out to the designer/author.

It’s really not so difficult. If you have an idea of the number to cast on (mad that’s determined by wrapping a bit of the back ribbing around the wrist). Then you just increase on the last row of ribbing.
Of course, this won’t work so well if there’s a major difference between the ribbing stitch number and the body of the sleeve but it’s usually not that much of a difference.

First. Thanks so much for the replies. I didn’t say that before, but I really appreciate it.

The other problem is that the measurements of the whole sleeve are off. At it’s narrowest, it says it should be 47 stitches and 11.25" wide. This doesn’t make any sense according to the gauges. But at it’s widest, it is supposed to be 83 inches, and 20.25" wide. That also doesn’t make sense. So there is definitely a problem here, and I don’t know if the stitch count is what is wrong or the schematics. Since the shoulder cap of the sleeve has to match up with the body, I can’t just adjust that to whatever fits me, or it won’t join right. This pattern just seems to be trash, but it also seems to be pretty popular out there, so maybe I’m just trash… :wink:

I’m trying to ping people on Raverly who say they have done it.

The measurement at the bottom of the sleeve is usually not the cuff but the main body of the sleeve at its narrowest (excluding the cuff). The widest, 83sts at a gauge of 16sts/4" gives a measurement of 20.75" which is close enough to 20.25".
It makes sense to me but getting in touch with a couple of the knitters from Ravelry is a good idea. Anything that helps you understand is worthwhile. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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