Pattern help: Breaking & rejoining yarn


Please help understanding this pattern, specifically I don’t know how to “break yarn” and what does mean “rejoining again” - this all sounds very confusing:

With long circular needle, CO 188 sts. Do not join. Break yarn. Slip 54 sts to right needle unworked. Re-join yarn and knit 80 sts.

Thank you!!

To break the yarn simply means to cut the yarn leaving a tail long enough that you could later weave it in. When you slip those 54 sts you have no working yarn at the new position. Rejoining means to take the working yarn you had been cutting at the end of the cast on and you begin knitting with it. Again have a long enough tail to weave in.

Thank you so much @engblom for such a quick reply - i followed your instructions - much much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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