Pattern has me confused

I have been knit a row/purl a row for rows 30-38, then it says…
beginning with row 39 decrease each row (knit two stitches together at the begin. of each row) until there are 29 stitches left.
then knit/purl for so many other rows…

so, while I am decreasing do I ONLY knit the rows or only knit the first two stitches together and then purl the remaining of every other row?

does that make sense???



Could you maybe type out exactly what the directions say? I always have a problem with this. It may be that you are to knit two together at the beginning of only the knit rows?

Row 28 purl across
Row 29 knit across
Rows 30-38 continue to repeat rows 28 and 29 (each row should have 53 stitches still)

Beginning with row 39, decrease 1 stitch each row (knit two stitches together at beginning of each row) until you have 29 stitches remaining

Then knit/purl 4 more rows without decreasing or increasing (29 stitches each row)

that is the entire section that I am confused on…really I am only confused on the decreasing…not sure what to do knit and purl or only knit those rows.


That looks to me that you are only supposed to decrease on the knit rows.

Where is Ingrid? I’m calling for backup! I don’t like working without a net. But if I were stuck on this myself, that is what I would do!

If you decrease only on the knit side, you’ll have a slated piece.

Decrease at the beginning of each row. I’d purl two together on the purl sides and knit two together on the knit side.

I doubt it really makes much of a difference what you use, especially if you seam it, but definitely decrease at the beginning of all the rows.

you guys are great!!! thank you so much! I have enjoyed this site so very much and have learned a TON!

Thank you Thank you!!!


Of course. I’m so glad I called for back up!