Pattern for super bulky yarn (Help!)

I have this dark blue yarn (about 300 yards) that I’m having real trouble finding a pattern for. I’ve been all over Ravelry and searched the Lion Brand site, but so far no luck :frowning:

I’m looking for an interesting pattern (something like the “Brooke’s Column of Leaves Knitted Scarf Pattern”) but so far all the ones I’ve found need too many stitches so my scarf would end up about two feet wide, or the pattern just doesn’t show up well because of the yarn thickness and the fact that it’s quite dark.

If anyone can point me in the direction of a pattern for super bulky yarn I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile: I can crochet too, but I’d prefer a knit pattern since I’ve only just started with crochet.

(PS: I was going to knit a cabled scarf with it, then went off the idea, hence why I have yarn and no idea what else to do with it)

Hi and welcome!
You may have already seen these but what about something lacy like a lattice pattern? It won’t use so much yarn and will show off the super bulky. Or how about a cowl?

If you want a free pattern, you could make a cowl using just the lace pattern in the cuff of these fingerless mitts. This pattern works up nicely in thicker yarns but still has a lacy look,

I know this is an awful picture… and if I still had my scarves out (I JUST packed them away) I would take another picture…

I improvised this design… but its basically this (i just found this… i have not downloaded the pattern so I do not know if it was knit the same way… but looks similar):

@AH1OZ: That’s a great picture. The scarf may not be shown to absolute best advantage but the cutie pie wearing it is adorable! I like the scarf, it did take a second look to see the cables but I was looking at the model. So sweet!

awful of the scarf is what i meant… he is pretty adorable isn’t he! haha

Lovely, soft cables. The scarf worked beautifully and looks fabulous on that adorable boy.