Pattern for Persephone scarf

I would love to make the Persephone scarf pictured here: I followed the pattern link and joined the Yahoo group, but am still unable to access the pattern or contact the group moderator. Has anyone made this scarf or downloaded the pattern for it?

She may be gone for the weekend; give it a couple days for her to get back to her email.

If you do find it, could you post a link here? I tried to find it, too, and was unsuccessful.

I did a search on Ravelry for you and found you can download the patterns from her yahoo group. You have to join, but it’s free and instant access. HTH!!

Thanks, Silver. I found the group and joined, but can’t find that particular pattern, although there’s a picture of the scarf. Maybe I just don’t understand how to access it – I’m pretty technologically challenged.

Actually, my email was returned as undeliverable, although I used the link provided to contact her. I’m stumped.

Are there different addresses on her blog and the group? Try the other one, and see if you can reach her. If you’ve joined the group and can log in, look at the messages to see if the pattern’s there, or go to the Files section.

Once you join the group, click on “Files” in the menu on the left side of the screen. It’s in a blue box that says Home, Messages, Files…

Then click on “Scarf Patterns”, then the Persephone scarf PDF. Download it to your computer or click and open it in your pdf viewer or browser. You’ll need Acrobat viewer or another pdf viewer to open the file.

Okay, I feel pretty silly. You’re absolutely right – I found it under the Files section of her Yahoo group. Thanks so much!

Yer welcome! :slight_smile:

:pout: I tried to sign up, but it keeps sending me back to the registration page.

I PMd you Ingy