Pattern for Men's Boxers Underwear

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a pattern for a Men’s Boxer/Trunk style underwear knitting pattern. I did a quick internet search and all I find are sewing patterns on how to make them. Maybe someone has found these in a book somewhere, or knows a website where I could find something.

I vaguely remember seeing a pattern for these somewhere and of course (don’t ya hate it?) I can’t remember where! :hair:

I did find this one on Ravelry:

Trekking Boxer Shorts

According to the Skacel website, you can get the pattern at A Knitter’s Dream

Hope this helps!

I dont know of one but you could come up with something like…

Measure your legs,(comfortable width, we dont want to smash the boys) make 2 tubes at a comfortable length for your leg part, put a gusset in the middle on both tubes…put it all on one needle(minus the gusset stitches, put those on waste yarn and graft those together when your done.) knit till a comfortable length to your waist line, grab you some elastic, measure how wide it is and knit ribbing for a 1/4" over double that width.

and either…

fold the knitting over the elastic, pick up the stitch under the elastic and k2tog the first stitch on your needle and the picked up stitch and then put the new stitch back on the needle and then pick up the next stitch under the elastic(on the same row as the first picked up stitch) and k3tog…untill your done. you will be incasing the elastic and binding off at the same time.

bind off the last row of knitting, and fold over the elastic and sew to the row under the elastic.

I would prob knit an inch or 2 of ribbing at the bottoms of the legs… i dont like my shorts floppin around, but its personal pref.

if you want a fly, you could put one in there but then theres the whole snap thing you have to put in… and the elastic has to be delt with differently just where you put the fly in. Or you could just put a fly in and then knit the ribbing in the round. Oh now my ideas are just flowing…imma stop. you could do this.

there…theres you a off the cuff pattern…
Disclaimer: No throwing, suing, cussing or anything else at me if this dont work… im fairly certain it would tho, you could work out details of any issues that come up but theres you a launching pad.

It would be interesting to see a pic if you do make it…LOL


Seems like I’ve seen woman’s sizes ‘men-style’ boxers. Maybe you could just size them up a bit.

Or maybe searach for men’s swim trunks (not that I’ve ever seen them, but I’ve never serched for them before).

I’d search around a bit myself, but seem to be locked out of ravelry on this computer I’m using at my Mom’s assisted living home. Not too surprised - you wouldn’t want all these little old ladies and gents browsing thru the info at Ravelry!!

Could you use a pattern for “soakers” as a basis and scale it up.

No picture, but there are a few projects you can see it in.

Found in this magazine and there is a back issue.

Or you could use the free one on knitpicks-- how did Jan miss this one?:rofl:

I remembered that one from a year or two ago, but didn’t think it was still up.

Thank you everyone. I appreciate you guys finding those for me. I’ll post the finished product when I’m done.

Actually I DID see that one, but saw the hearts and figured it was for women and since he said “men’s boxers underwear” I didn’t bother. :lol:

saw the hearts and figured it was for women

I figured:) . It’s just that you dig up things from the deepest little nooks and crannies that the rest of us miss by a mile!:teehee:


Good day,
I saw you guys were looking for a knitting pattern for mens underwear. if you found the pattern, would you please share it with me? :knitting:


Did you read through the thread postings? There are several links in this old post to patterns, so please try those first. Also, you can search for patterns on (free to join).