Pattern for Lion Chenille Prints?

Hi all!

Some friends just gave me a beautiful skein of lion’s brand lion chenille prints yarn (about 125 meters). However, I have no idea what to knit with it. I haven’t been able to find any patterns online for this kind of yarn. Does anybody have a pattern for this yarn or that you think would look good with this yarn?


Here is a list of patterns Lion Brands has designed using this yarn. I’m afraid they don’t recommend it for knitting - just crochet. Doesn’t mean you can’t ignore their recommendations, though.

I have every intention of ignoring the Lion’s Brand reccommendation because I cannot crochet and I don’t know anybody who does.

I am not very familiar with knitting with cheneille. What sort of patterns would knit up well with it?


If you only have one skein that will be limiting. Those type of yarns tend to hide the stitches so you won’t want to do anything fancy, but I would think you could make a nice hat or scarf with it though.

Okay, I looked up the yarn on ravelry to see what people were making with it. Looks like mostly wrist warmers, fingerless mitts, hats and scarves. Is it the thick and quick or is it worsted weight?

ETA: On the Lion Chenille Prints page on Rav it says it’s not recommended for knitting. :shrug: I’m not sure why.

I have some single color chenille and it’s awful for knitting. There’s not stretch or give to it so it’s hard to make it in a decent st pattern. Stockinette or garter or some variation would probably work best.

This is the worsted weight yarn (although I have some thick and quick at home that my mom bought me and I have no idea what to do with that either. I wish people would stop buying me chenille and give me gift certificates instead!).

I was thinking a hat, given I have only one skein and I probably won’t buy another. I’m also curious about why we’re not allowed to knit with it. Maybe the friction between the yarn and the knitting needles creates a fire hazard and the yarn could possibly burst into flames?

So a fairly simple stockinette or garter stitch hat it is! Thanks for the suggestions. If there’s any specific pattern that you think would look good, let me know.

Thanks for the advice!

:teehee: Well, they [I]didn’t[/I] say you weren’t allowed to knit with it, it just said it wasn’t recommended. I’d guess from Sue’s comment about it not having give or stretch is probably the reason.

I have no idea why they don’t recommend knitting with the one - the thick & quick has a ton of knitting patterns created by it.

Why not look at tome of those and see if anything appeals to you. You’d have to do some fudging with the size to adjust to the chenille yarn since the thick & quick is much bullkier.

I thought of getting another skein and knitting mine doubled, but I had got it on discount at Joann’s and they didn’t have any more of that color. I used the thick one to make a bag on size 8s (I wanted this dense) and that was a lot easier to work with than the worsted weight, even on the teeny needles.