Pattern for Large Oval Lace Tablecloth, Crochet

My sister is looking for the pattern for a large oval lace tablecloth in the Pineapple pattern, that is crocheted. She crocheted a nine foot long one many years ago from a pattern in a book by Elizabeth Hiddleton. Somewhere in her travels the book has dissappeared. If anyone knows of a pattern for such a tablecloth, or the actual pattern from that author, my sister says to tell you she would be eternally grateful!

A quick search turned up some info on the author. Maybe it’s here somewhere.

There’s also a bunch on Ebay. I used this search term if you want to give Google a try yourself. There were a lot of pages found.

Elizabeth Hiddleson+crochet

Thanks so much Jan. I left a message on her phone and she will call me back tomorrow. She will be very happy with the site you found her with all those books.

There is this freebie one too:


Thanks so much, that`s wonderful. She can have her choice now.