Pattern for Jumper (sweater) that I don't understand at all

Firstly Im going to type out a bit of the patterns instructions then I will point out what I can’t understand!

Using 2 strands of each colour, cast on 24 sts and knit 7 rows (1st row wrong side). Work in st-st until work measures 32cm from beg, ending with purl row. Tie a coloured thread at each end of last row. ** Work 14 rows.
SHAPE SHOULDERS: Cast off 8 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Cast off.
Work as for back to**. Work 6 rows.
1st row: k9, cast off 6 sts, k9. Dec at neck edge in next row. Work 6 rows. Cast off. Join yarn to rem sts and work to correspond with other side.

ok my question is what do all the instructions mean from the words “work 14 rows,” down to the end of the shape neck instructions.
Work 14 rows onto what? and work as for back to?? It doesn’t seem to make sense!

This is my first knitting project so I don’t understand all the knitting jargon yet.

Hopefully someone can help me


It is pretty straightforward.

When it says to ‘work 14 rows’, just continue in st st without any increases or decreases as you have been. Then you’ll do the bindoffs for the shoulders and cast off.

For the front, you follow the pattern directions for the back until you get to the **. For the front, instead of working 14 rows, you’ll continue for another 6 in st st until you begin the neck shaping directions. We can cross that bridge when you get to it. :wink:

Thank you for your help!

I understand it a bit better now.

Just wanted to clarify something… It says Tie a coloured thread at each end of last row.
So does this mean that after I have created the ties on this row that I just continue on for another 14 rows? The 14 rows isn’t a new piece is it?

I feel silly for asking this but for shaping the shoulders… Does cast off 8 sts at beg of next 2 rows mean that you add an extra 2 rows to the 14 you just did in the previous instruction?

Oh and one more question
For the back instructions it says to knit 7 rows, the work in stocking stitch until work measures 32 cm…
Does this mean that I do a normal knit for 7 rows then change to stocking stitch or do I just use st st at all times?

Anyway thanks again

Yes, after the ties just continue workin on the same piece and yes there are two “additional rows” to the 14. It probably would have been worded differently if it wanted you to include it in the 14 rows.

Thank you! :smiley:
I understand all those instructions completely now

Well just one more question that comes to mind about yarn and needles.

Ok it says here to use 12 balls patons flair (25g balls), and 10 balls patons crafty (50g balls): 1 pair 2cm rocket needles.

I realise that patons is a brand of yarn, but I dont think i can get that where I am. So what kind of yarn would be a good substitute for the patons flair and patons crafty?

Also are rocket needles the largest needle you can get?

The largest I’ve seen are size 50 US. I think there is a conversion chart on here somewhere. As far as substitutions, check out You can put in the gauge and it will give you comparisions in other brands.

Size 50 US is 25 mm, which is a bit bigger than the 2 cm you need for the pattern. The only size I have seen in between are my 15 mm needles. I would check the Patons website about those yarns. Patons does use the numbered weight system on the sample pages of their yarn, which would help with finding a suitable substitute. I’m there quite often and I can’t say I recall seeing those names there, but I’ve been known to be wrong before. Perhaps they are something that is a Patons UK product?