Pattern for head towel?

You know those towels made to wrap your wet hair in and wrap it then fold it over after a shower? I want to knit one out of cotton, but I can’t figure out what they would be called in order to find a pattern. Does anyone have any idea?

Does anyone have any idea?

No, but I’d be fascinated to find out. That would make a great gift for some of my friends.

I can’t use a regular rectangle towel on my hair. I have really thick long hair, and I need one of those that are shaped right for that, but I wear them out and now I can’t find another one. Now I wish I could remember what they were called! I want to make my own and just keep replacing them. Maybe I’ll just draw up a schematic and see if I can get some help figuring out how to make it. I know how to make it in 2 pieces, but I do NOT want to seam it. lol It’s kind of curved to fit over my head, then comes to a point so I can twist it and wrap it around then tuck it into a little string (or I-cord if knitted) to hold onto my head while doing my makeup, etc.

I also have very thick hair and use an absorbent hair turban every morning. Here’s the website:

I think that one knitted out of cotton would get too heavy on your head once it soaked up the water.

Couldn’t you use a yarn that’s a blend like TLC Cotton Plus…absorbs very well and dries quickly???

Well crap. I never thought of cotton being too heavy. But YES that turbon is exactly what I’m talking about!

Here is a picture of the exact turban like towel I want to make. I could make it easily in 2 pieces as shown, but I hate seaming. I’d love to find a pattern or figure out how to make it in one piece. Maybe someone could help figure this out if we can’t find a pattern? I’ve searched like crazy by turban, hair towel, hair turban, etc. I can’t find any patterns for them.

I think it will fun and educational for anyone interested to figure out a pattern for them… I’m game if you are, Terri, Deb and CDJack!

The one I have is a terrycloth and has a loop at the long skinny end and a button on the other. I can measure it this evening, do a swatch with some cotton blends from my stash and go from there!

Looking at the picture you have I think you could do it in one piece with a series of short rows like you make the heel of a sock.

So how would you do that? Start at the larger radius or at the cap? Sounds like this might become very educational!

I don’t really know, but I know you can make shapes like that with short rows. :think: I would think you’d start at the narrow end and knit flat with increases then do the short row part? Not sure.

I think it’s easier to decreased than increase, so I’m thinking it would be easier to start with the big side and do it all the same size with the short rows to shape the curve, and start decreasing right after the curve…don’t you think?

Oh, and I HATE the button on mine and cut it off right away. I only use the little loop thing, which I think would be easy to make with a thin I-cord loop at the end.

This could be fun as a group project. Maybe we should start some kind of a KAL thing to figure this out? I’m game for figuring it out as a group project. I don’t think I could figure it out alone, but tossing ideas around might help a lot!

I have some cheap acrylic I’m going to fiddle with just for swatching and figuring, but I’m going to risk it when we figure out a final pattern and try it with regular cotton since that’s all I’ll have. I just bought some cottontots from someone’s destashing on here.

I don’t use one, but wouldn’t mind experimenting. However, I won’t have time till at least September. Go for it though!

I don’t mind increasing, but if you do then by all means do it the other way. :wink:

I’m in if you do a KAL…or maybe a DAL(design along)~~ Off this pm to my daughter’s to spend the night with my lil sweetiepie but will check in later!

I’ll participate, but my part will be slow, too. I’m working on a shawl that has to be done by September 10, but sometimes I need a break and will be working on this during those breaks. I’ll look in the KAL section for a DAL for this if someone wants to start it? Sounds fun to me! :wink:

I’ve always wanted one of those, and’d do it, but we are going offline in 3 or 4 days.

I think I mostly found what I was looking for HERE. It wraps the opposite way, but it’s still a knit pattern and a head wrap, and it looks like it can be adjustable based on your hair length. I went ahead and bought the pattern to see, and if nothing else it will give me ideas on how to customize it even more to work for myself. It should come to my email as a PDF file, so I’ll see when it gets here. It was JUST listed on Ravelry today, so I pounced on it right away. lol

That looks nice, please let us know how you like the pattern.

I got the pattern in my email shortly after posting here (within 20 minutes of purchasing - really FAST!), and I was wrong - it doesn’t wrap the wrong way. It’s exactly what I was looking for, and it’s actually what we were thinking, with short rows for the shaping, and it looks like it starts with the big part and tapers down to the small part. It looks like a pretty easy, well-written pattern. I’m so excited! I can’t wait for my cotton yarn to get here so I can cast on! The designer is very nice and offered her help if I have any questions, too.

I wish I could post the pattern, but since it’s a purchase one I obviously can’t. All I can do is recommend it highly after looking at it. I’ll definitely post my FO when I finish it (that’ll be a while since I have a big project OTN right now).