Pattern for hat with A hole for hair

Hi all, It just occurred to me that I have never seen a winter hat with a “hole” in the back for a ponytail…My neice has “long” hair and sometimes likes to wear a hat without her hair down or stuffed in her hats…Anyone seen anything like this? Thank

Have you checked ravelry? hat

Here’s another pattern link
There are also directions at the end for making it larger.
Depending on where you niece likes to wear her ponytail, you could adapt almost any pattern. If you knit the hat in the round, knit flat for the length of the opening and then rejoin to continue in rounds or if you knit the hat back and forth, leave an opening in the seam.
It’d be fun to see a picture of this finished hat!

I have been adjusting hats for ponytails for years. I did this because I have long hair and got tied of my ponytail getting all scrunched up and against my neck. With knitted hats I just BO where I want the hole and then when I come back around I add stitches back…with Crochet I just make a hole for the pony tail where I want it…not hard to do and it works!

Thanks!!! I knew there had to be some “out” there:hug:

I will definetly try this…Thank You!

I like this one alot…I loooove cables…I read thru the pattern, Do you think it’s done “in the round”? I say yes, because of the finishing tech…What about you?

Yes, in the round.
For me the give-away is the cable panel on the first 3 rows:
"Rows 1-3: *P 3, K8; repeat to end"
It’s always knit stitches and since you want the cable panel in stockinette, it must be knit in the round.

And if that’s not enough, here’s a woman’s face mask with an option for a ponytail hole: