Pattern for hanging knitted hand towel

I saw a knitted dishtowel at my mother’s. It was knit on the diagonal, about 8 x 14 inches in size and the top of the towel was decreased on the top row to make a tab to hang on a drawer handle or the stove. My mom told me her cousing knit it but the cousin is not able to give me the pattern. I’ve been searching for a similar pattern without much success. I did find one that was knit on the diagonal but there was no tab to hang the towel up. Has anyone seen this type of dishtowel pattern?

Well, this pattern would be the basic way to knit on the diagonal/bias.

For a towel once you get the width you want (8") you would stop the increases, and just work each row even till you get the length you want (14").
To make one end triangular, you would need to change the decreasing pattern a bit, working one side, but not the other, until the other side’s length is also 14", then start decreasing on that side too till you get to the point. Then make a loop for hanging.

I’m knitting a dishcloth right now, and I started with one stitch and increased on both sides, but it came out funny. Do I just increase on one side, and when I get it to the width I need, can I just knit across for a while before decreasing?:help:

Usually you inc on both ends of every other row, or at the beg of every row. Are you doing it in garter stitch or stockinette? In garter stitch it comes out more square, but would be a diamond shape if you do it in stockinette st.

I’d like to suggest you start a new thread rather than posting in an old one. Not everyone will go to an old one to answer you. :hug:

I guess it depends on how it came out funny. Usually these patterns increase in one of the two ways Sue mentioned. so that you are increasing on both edges and getting a triangle. Then you begin decreasing. Can you post a photo?

The pattern is correct. You increase once at the beginning of the row and knit across. I’ve made many of these because they are so fast.

Here’s another pattern just to compare. You can see a slight variation in the cast on number and the number of stitches before the increase. Te end result is very similar. This one is how I do them.

I’m doing it in garter stitch, with an increase on one end of every row, so it seems to be coming out okay. When I did it like this but with an increase on both ends of every row, it came out squared off too much. I’ll try to remember to start a new thread next time.
The pattern went like this:
Row 1: Knit 1 stitch
Row 2 (Increase): Knit in front and back of stitch to make 1, knit to the end (on subsequent rows)
Row 3 (Decrease): Knit 2 together at the beginning, knit to end.

Yep, that’ll work. When you increase a stitch both ends of every row, that makes it wider and shallower.

And it squared it off too!