Pattern for easy knit shawl

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to the forum. I can knit a little bit. My first knitting project was 37 years ago when I took a class at Sears so I could make a baby blanket for my first child. I finished the blanket and we still have it, but the instructor said she had never seen that stitch before! I figured it must have been because I’m left-handed and twisted the yarn somehow. The blanket looked ok to me and my son enjoyed it after he was born. So, I have recently decided to try knitting again. I would like to make a shawl. I like the one on the pattern page, listed as Easy Knit Shawl, but the directions won’t load for me.
This pattern looks pretty and seems similar to the Tasha Tudor shawl which I have seen and liked, but figured it would be too hard for a beginner. Can anyone help with the pattern, or guide me to an easy shawl pattern?

I just tried to load it, but I can’t either., so it isn’t your computer.

That pattern is really just a basic ‘dishcloth’ shawl.
Easy Knit, diagonal garter stitch.
like this.
It looks like the other one may have had a simple decorative crochet edge which you can do with this also instead of the fringe.
Its a variation of this dishcloth pattern.
This is one of the easiest and most useful patterns you can have.
Small its a dishcloth, do larger, its a baby blanket.
Do first half only, a triangle shawl, or a head scarf.
so 2 triangles, sew together and you have a poncho.
& Here is another easy basic versatile one.
both these can use any yarn any guage, just keep knitting till size required.

I don’t know the shawl you speak of, but if you want an easy to make but advanced-looking shawl, check out the Sun Ray Shawl

Here’s my finished one:

Thanks for the pattern suggestions for a shawl. Can’t wait to pick out some yarn and get started on this project.
The Sun Ray shawl is pretty! Will try it after Bev’s shawl in dishcloth pattern.
I hope I can do this!

Has anyone made a Dr. Who scarf? Also would like to make one of these for a Christmas gift.


The Sun Ray Shawl was my first ever. Very easy!!! You just need to give any lace knitting more attention than simple garter or stockinette, merely because finding where you went wrong is a little harder to do. But I just frogged to where there was no problem and reknit.

Another easy first lace shawl is the Forest Canopy by Susan Lawrence.

Where can I see that?

Look at the blog I’m Knitting As Fast As I Can for Forest Canopy

I can’t seem to find your blog, could you give more detail on how to get there!?


Arielluria - I’ll ask you since you seem to be a pro. I am looking for a pattern for a man’s sweater, just a plain sweater with a rolled collar. My husband doesn’t want any cables, patterns, or different colours. I’m even having trouble finding a basic men’s sweater pattern, and how do you do the rolled collar?

I found the I’m Knitting As Fast As I Can blog and link to Forest Canopy

BTW, the socks at the top of the blog look like the Rainy Day Socks I just made. They are beautiful in that cranberry color!!!

Sorry for the confusion. I don’t have a blog. I typed in Forest Canopy in Google and it directed me to look at the blog
I’m Knitting as fast as I can.

DinahB, there is a [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Dr. Who Knit-along in the knit along forum you should check out. There are several people making Dr. Who scarves, I believe. [/FONT][/COLOR]

Tish, have you looked at [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Knitting Pattern Central for a sweater under the Men’s Clothing Category? There is a sweater listed there called the “Vanille Guy Sweater” that sounds kind of like what you are looking for. I’ve haven’t knit a sweater yet, but it seems to me like a rolled collar is just where you pick up stitches around the neck and knit in stockinette stitch. That naturally curls, and would create the roll all by itself.

I think this is what you are looking for…!


ETA: Well, it seems that I didn’t read all the replies…sorry! hehe :smiley: