Pattern for diaper covers?

I’m looking for some patterns for cloth diaper covers. I’ve somehow been unsuccessful looking online for them. Does anyone have any idea where I could find one?

Ok nevermind. I was searching for the wrong thing. If anyone’s interested, has mulitple soaker patterns for boys and girls. Hope someone can use this like I can!

There’s a Curly Purly one that’s free too :smiley:

Here’s the pattern for the ones I’m working on as a brand new knitter!

Cute & FREE!

also Fern & Faerie has a nice free pattern.

THere’s a yahoo group just for soaker knitting.

I have a friend who has talked about “soakers”, but I can’t figure out what they do, or why someone would use them.

If my thinking is correct, using a “soaker” means it becomes saturated with urine, right? And if that’s true, HOW does it become saturated if the baby is wearing a diaper? Or are cloth diapers used beneath the soaker instead of disposable?

Wouldn’t these things be uncomfortable and unsanitary? Or, what am I missing?

Don’t mean to sound fresh, because I really am curious.

Soakers are used over cloth diapers. They are made from wool and the
lanolin in the wool makes it possible for a knitted cover to protect the
clothes when using a cloth diaper. You can search for information on
cloth diapering that has all the specific details. Alot of people who
are into cloth use them because they “breathe” unlike the covers made
from more “plasticky” materials.
Libbie :slight_smile:

The little turtle knits soaker is supposed to be a good one (lots of people love the finished product, pattern is supposed to be easy to follow/customize), as is the leggings pattern… longies? I bought both but actually never used them because I hated wool covers so much I didn’t see the point in going to the point of making more of them. (I had some aristocrats and one other randome knit wool cover) Have you used wool yet to know you like it or are you just in love with the idea? Just checking. :wink: Some people like them, I did not.

Some free links I have collected over the years but again have not tried - (scroll down to diapering and burping, there are a few)

I thought I had some more but either I had a burst of feeling practical and cleaned out my bookmarks or else I labeled them as something obscure.

Feef, I’m all about wool covers for cloth diapers - this is a good article to start with…

and also for the cuteness factor!!! There’s so much fun in customising your child’s clothing I reckon. Plus it’s functional too - it’s winter over this part of the world now, so I knit long wool pants (aka longies) that double up as a diaper cover and pants :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic of a pair of “shorties” i knitted for my nemo fan toddler

Punk knitters soaker. I’ve made two for my SO’s grandson. They’re easy, quick, and fun to knit.

My dd would go mad for those! She loves Nemo! Did you make the
chart yourself? They look great…


I’m suprised to see so many interested! I had never heard of them, but a friend of mine does cloth diapers and was telling me about soakers. I figured I better get started making them now for my next kid, knowing how long it takes for me to finish something!

One question though. What are some options for wool allergies?

Do you mean options in diaper covers or options in yarns to use to make soakers?

For diaper covers after trying just about everything from cheap to expensive I ended up liking plain old nylon pull on pants best. NOT vinyl ones - the gerber ones are vinyl - but nylon which is lighter, doesn’t seem quite as hot. Dappi is the brand we used. There are lots of other wraps and pull on pants out there which I could go on about all day.

Some people like fleece covers used about the same way a soaker is used, as far as I could tell. I had a few but never actually gave them a try because to me they presented the same problem the wool presented - made my kid extra bulky, made clothes “stick” to the rump. Not my cup of tea but an idea.

For knitting something I think wool really is the best but I did once read of someone using acrylic just to “see what happened” and it worked kind of well but not as well as wool. I think the think about wool is it will absorb a certain amount of wetness without really transferring which it plus I THINK it is supposed to have certain antibacterial qualities built in (don’t quote me, my son is almost 4 and my knowledge of what is supposed to do what is fuzzy now). It’s really best for doing this but if you want to give the acrylic a go, acrylic is easy to work with and soakers go fast so it won’t be a huge waste of time experiment. Maybe with a tight enough weave with the acrylic, it would kind of keep wetness in similar to a pull on pant but allow for a little more breathability (plus “I made this” show off rights :wink: )

Again, though, I wouldn’t go nuts on this until YOU know you like the wool soakers. LOTS of people rave about them. My best friend, actually, loved them. But I just didn’t like them, not with my son, at least. If I ever manage to get pregnant again, I may give the soakers a go (at night in particular) but I don’t plan to stock up before he/she gets here. One thing to keep in mind about soakers is they SOAK… and you can air dry urine and reuse them … but once they get blasted with poo, you gotta wash 'em. And new babies tend to be poo machines. My son pooped every time he nursed early on. EVERY TIME. So early on, soakers would not have even been a good option for us unless I had an awful lot of them and even then I’d have been handwashing 10+ soakers every other day. They’re better when there’s less poo action going on. And they can be really great at night especially if you go with the longies option which are pants and cover in one - but we ended up using disposables at night most of the time because my kid peed so much we had to make his bum ginormous to get enough cloth on him so he’d not wake up with wet sheets and jammies. I’m hoping for moderation in elimination habits in any future offspring. :smiley:

yeah Libbie, i did the chart myself. I had never done embroidery, so I just did the only way my mind could think of and later found out that what I did was called duplicate stitching.

Acrylic and fleece does work in a similar way to wool, except for one big difference - with wool, if not soiled with poop, all you have to do is air it awhile then when you do the sniff test there’ll be no urine smell - if it does smell, it means you need to wash (and maybe lanolise it). So you only wash the soakers/longies once a week (I have a few of them, so I probably only wash the wool covers once in 3 weeks?). Fleece and acrylic do not have that anti-microbial property so they’d stink of wee easily, ie you’d have to wash them after each use possibly.

Bummis Whisper Pants is similar to Dappi I think, very thin PUL nylon so great for trimness to reduce bulk of cloth diapers. You’ll get more wicking (ie moisture coming through the cover) with wool than something like the WP or Dappi so make sure you have more absorbency in the diaper itself.

A ha! That is a very good and very important point. Fleece holds pee stink like nobody’s business. Some of my son’s fleece sleepers and the fleece liners I’d use in his dipes at night… ugh! They’d smell of pee no matter WHAT I put in the wash until I figured out to use Borax. (During this time I also learned NEVER to use Borax in the diaper wash because even though it says it makes diapers smell great and even though it really DOES make diapers smell great… diapers washed in Borax would literally eat holes into my baby’s bum cheeks. Even with a second rinse. So Borax on fleece jammies - good. Borax in diapers - not good.)

Good things to know if you go the fleece or acrylic route, I guess.

Bummis does make a pull-on pant. The leg holes are a little less generous than the Dappis… and I think they cost more. The bummis pants I used were gimmies so don’t quote me on that.

Thank you all so much! I don’t think a wool allergy would be an issue, but it’s always a good thing to ask!

Hopefully, I can try some out in the future! For now, I’ll cover everything else in knitted creations!!