Pattern for Christmas Stocking

Hi everyone. I have been looking high and low for a pattern to knit my neice and nephew christmas stockings. I have one that my great-grandmother knitted me when I was baby. It was basic stocking sticth with a stanta face embedded into the stockton stitch and the beard was knit with angora yarn to form a lovely soft beard. Unfortunately I am no good at pattern writing and I can find nothing similar. I have hunted in shops and online! Does anyone have pattern like this or know where I could I try to find one? I would greatly appreciate any help you may be able to offer me!

Thanks so much! Suzy xx :muah:

Have you checked out knittingpatterncentral ? Click on Christmas and there are patterns for stockings. Not sure what they look like, but something may work for you.

As JCmom said…tons of them here.

This is a good site to bookmark as they have patterns for nearly everything. :thumbsup:

Have you looked at the Ann Norling Christmas stocking patterns? She has one that has a Santa face and you could probably do the beard in a furry yarn. The pattern book I’m thinking of is no. 1018.

There are several websites that carry her patterns, but here is one:

does it have candy canes on the instep, and starts off with white with the letters of the name, goes to the Santa in green, and then candy canes, with red and green toe?