Pattern for Chess Board?

Hey y’all,
Does anyone have a pattern for a chess board/checkerboard? I’ve seen one that’s a pillow, but I’m looking for a flat one. Thanks!

I just bought the premiere issue of Woman’s Day Specials Quick & Easy Knitting & Crocheting. In it is a pattern for a game board, but it’s crocheted. However, it is flat.
It’s Volume XIV, Number 3

and they’ll let you have this:

I imagine you can adjust size to meet your needs

wow, thanks!

Is this actually posting this time? LOL…
I’ve been working on a double knit one for my boys - It’s not as hard as I thought it would be (just SLOW!) and I love that it’s reversible… Now I just have to make the checkers …

Hi Mascara! There’s a really nice one in the book I just got from Crafters Choice, it’s the Weekend Knitting book Amy recommended.
But you’ll have to buy the book I guess (or copy it out at the bookstore! :wink: )

I’ve been wondering if I should get Weekend Knitting or not…I guess this seals the deal! Thanks!

Hey you’re welcome mascara! (you do know I have to leave the end part of your name of coz I have a phobia about them…)

I was just sitting out on my new sunporch and looking at it again. After I got it, I thought maybe it was too cutesy (like they tell you how to EAT A SOFT BOILED EGG, DUH) but just now I was looking at each pattern/thing and realized I want to MAKE THEM ALL.

Well, there’s one silly little top with a great big cowl neck that I don’t like but all the other patterns are great. I’m even thinking I may make the raggedy ann doll… geez…

the checkerboard looks so neat, maybe I’ll make one for my dad.