Pattern for blanket/throw for little girl

I am looking for a pattern for a throw/blanket/afghan for a little girl. I have been googling and searching the internet today:passedout:
and have gotten a few ideas, however I thought maybe someone here might have a pattern. My DG will be turning 4 yrs of age in March and moving from the crib into her new bed in her new room. I have found some varigated yarn in soft pink, cream and cocoa. I want to make her an afghan and a small matching one for her new baby doll santa brought her.

What yarn is it?

I think generally the difference between boy and girl is yarn color choices for something like a blanket, but… do you want a lacy pattern? Or something else that could be searched for?

Here’s a few ideas.

You could make squares to seam together.

Thank you for the links. The yarn is “Impeccable” worsted. I have over 30 oz and over 1200 yards. I think I bought 12 skeins. I am leaning towards something lacy. She is very much the girl, likes pink, princessess (sp?) and dress up.

I would do a feather and fan maybe reducing the amount of fan and feather. I did one in pastels and it was lovely

Also…the feather and fan is pretty and easy to memorize.

In another direction, I was thinking of an intarsia, with something like a Hollie Hobby design. This design is for cross stitch, or tunisian stitch, but I know for sure I have a similar one for my knitting machine. When I get time, I can scan it for you. They aren’t manufactured any more, and I’ve seen them posted all over the Yahoo groups with no copyright infringement. Or I could point you to one of those group’s pattern pages. The pattern works for hand knitting, as the stitches are still wider than they are tall, so they can be used for hand knitting.

Just a note… intarsia and fair isle/stranded really don’t look that good on the back. People usually want a reversible blanket, but it certainly is an option if you don’t mind having it one sided.

Lining is an option, but it has it’s own set of issues.

I like the feather and fan rainbow blanket. Thank you for the great ideas. Hollie Hobby is cute, but I am not that experienced yet. Hopefully, I am going to get started on it today.

You are welcome! I made a small feather, with a 12 stitch fan i think it was. I got the pattern from a sweater pattern that I found on the internet. It worked out great. I had off white, lavender blue and yellow for the little boy.