Pattern for Baby Scarf

I would like to make a quick scarf for a baby (6 to 9 months) by Christmas. Does anyone have any good patterns or ideas. Something that I can make in a day and have ready by the 25th would be appreciated. Thanks!

i would say to check, however i would strongly encourage you to make a hat or booties or pretty much anything else besides a scarf for a baby. there is just too much chance of strangulation when a baby is wearing a scarf. :pray:

hats are super quick and easy, and you could make thumbless mittens to match just as quickly! :thumbsup:

I agree, and is the reason why you don’t see scarves in the infant section of clothing stores.

You could probably knit a baby cowl. I had one of those for my dd when she was young. It was a tube that fit over her head like a dickey and I could pull it up to cover her bitty nose and mouth.

As the very proud aunt of a nephew who has survied getting choked by the blind cords I’d also strongly suggest making something else. Babies get into everything and a 6-9 month old is learning to crawl or walk and it would be disaterous if something happened.

Although I will say that there are patterns out there.