Pattern for baby hat 3 months to 6 or 9 months

Where can I find a baby girl’s hat to knit 3 to 6 or 9 months? I have been looking but mostly all are 0 to 3 months.
[LEFT]I did knit caps for twins but they were only worn for a month because they grew so fast I guess. One was a boy other a girl.
Thank you[/LEFT]

If it’s a basic hat it’s as simple as casting on a few extra stitches. Did you look in Knitting Pattern Central?

And here’s a few that you can check out, too.

This would be a cute little hat for either girl or boy, and the cardigan looks simple but sweet too.

That’s so cute, I found the sweater, too!

I am presently working on a Debbie Bliss Striped Hat pattern. I am doing the pattern for ages 3-9 months. Instead of doing stiping I am using a variegated yarn on US #3 Needle; CO 92 sts; begin with Knit row and work 14 rows in stockinette stitch; then the pattern instructs you to continue knitting in this pattern until it measures [B]14 inches from cast on edge to purl row[/B]. After the 14 inches you begin to shape crown and decrease for 16rows and in between those rows you are purling one row so in essence you are added another 32 rows. I am using self-pattern Zitron Lifestyle yarn that is usually used for socks.
My question is that 14" is way too long for a child’s head. The cast on edge will roll slightly, but not enough to shorten all 14 inches.
I am thinking of not knitting so many inches. Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful. I think this hat would be much too large for a 9 month old.

It could mean 4", I think that might be about the right length, and then the decrease rows after that.

Babies do have large heads for their size, but 14 seems way too much IMO. I would think they meant 4 inches. :think:

If you can I would email the writer of the pattern so it can be corrected if necessary.

Could it have meant 14cm? That’s more in line with the sizing in the baby patterns I knit.

This is one of my favorite hat patterns. It knits up really quickly. Enjoy!

You know, since it’s a Debbie Bliss pattern, it could well be 14 cm…

I’d be making a similar mistake if it was the reverse situation!.. I think in cms and if a pattern is in inches it tends to throw me.

I don’t think it would be 4 inches, that would be too short for that size hat. I just checked some of my metric patterns, and 14cm (5.5 inches) seems to be about the go for the size hat that moms90 is knitting.