Pattern for Angora


I have 7 skeins, each 122 yards of angora. I would like to knit a scarf with it, but am having difficulty finding a pattern. Any suggestions?


What a wonderful problem to have!
Have you searched Ravelry for a pattern? What weight is the angora?


Yes I’ve done some searches there but none of the patterns were specifically for angora if I’m reading the label correctly it is DK/ light worsted.
Here is a link


I feel your pain!! Just kidding… Try going to Drops Knitting or Pinterest. Both of these sites have wonderful free patterns. I’m addicted to both sites & have gone through reams of paper & endless supplies of printer ink due to them. Happy knitting!!!


There aren’t very many patterns written particularly for angora but you can look at any DK pattern. Depending on how much “bloom” there is in the yarn, something without too much cable or lace detail would work.
Here are 2 for angora:
and the more general results of a search for DK:


Thanks a million. I could not get the pattern for free, but ordered the book.