Pattern for a snood?

I would like a pattern to make something that looks like this

Somehow searching for snood patterns I keep coming up with either just a bun cover or a pattern with no picture (and I don’t like patterns with no pictures!)

I want a fairly close weave to the netting. (solid is OK!) (I am not going for the GWTW net to cover a beautiful hairstyle, I am looking for a bad hair day sort of item)

I can knit or crochet so either is fine, although crochet is faster and probably more suited to this particular item.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

I think the technical term is Tam. Here a pattern:

I’ve found smoke rings are good for bad hair days too:

You can wear them as a collar or pull them up around your face.

just in case you’re interesting in a looser snood, i found this when i googled “snood knitting pattern” after our last ren faire. i don’t think there are too many patterns out there on the web as it took me quite a while to find it. i haven’t actually made it myself. now that i look at the illustration again and see the yarn and needles it calls for, it may not be that loose. i don’t know how old UK sizing for needles compares to today’s sizing.

I think the technical term is Tam. Here a pattern:


I don’t know that I agree on calling that a tam - I think of a tam as a sort of biggish, floppy beret. Which I guess that is… a very big, floppy one! At any rate that is the closest to what I have been wanting that I have seen so thank you very much!!!

Lady Violet, yours looks interesting, too, for fancier bad hair days. :smiley:

Yeah, Lady Violet’s is a REAL snood – like a big, decorative hairnet.
Everybody wore them in the Forties, especially with pageboy hairdos. Don’t ask me how I know.

I don’t know if it helps, but here are two patterns; one is for knitting it looks like and one is for crochet. If you go to and click on “free patterns”, you can scroll down and see the samples. These are free patterns, but I believe you have to e-mail them to request it (they have a limit on how many patterns you can request).

Aside from that, as Calamintha mentions, what you’re looking for may be called either a Tam, or a “Rasta” hat–both are fitted at the hairline, made of solid fabric (no mesh), and are “poufy” at the bottom to allow for lots of hair. I adapted a pattern from SnB Nation for the “Newsboy Cap” to make a hat like this. I did it without the cables and brim, and just did a larger rib pattern all around. It’s really comfortable and does the job well (hides my bad hair on those frustrating days!). Hope that helps!