Pattern for a ribbed kid's hat knitted in the flat please

Hi everyone.

It’s still snowing here in Ireland and the UK, the schools have all been closed until Thursday so more knitting time, hooray. My DD has requested a hat with ribs or a design (happy to give cables my first try) does anyone have any pattern suggestions please?


Here’s a few… you could do ribbing where the garter is on a few of these.’sRibbedHat.htm

Thank you for those ideas I think I shall also do the sweater.

oh dont mention ribbing I have spent all evening trying to dod a k1 p1 rib. It sounds so simple but I just seem to end up with a tangles mess of very tightly knitted knots. Am looking for videos to see what I am doing wrong!

Have looked at videos - you have to move the yarn backwards and forwards doh!

If you know how to purl and you know how to knit then you can do ribbing. For example- knit the first stitch, then bring the yarn forward between the needles and purl the next stitch. Now bring the yarn the back between the needles and knit that stitch, etc. It’s a good thing to know and just takes practice.