Pattern for a plain 'ol sweater vest?


I am looking for a pattern for a plain v neck sweater vest. It could even be a sweater that looked nice WO sleeves. I just want it in stockinette stitch with maybe a contrast on the v neck. I have two crazy little kids so I have to be able to put it down, pick it up repeat for the next 10 years.

I’d like it in a worsted weight and I don’t mind buying a book or a pattern.

Thanks so much!!

Thre are a bunch to look thru here
and here, too:

I am so excited! I’m sure I will be up all night looking at patterns!!

Thanks a bunch!!!

I recently finished the Peter Easy V-neck vest. Entirely worked in stockinette. It is easy and knits fast.

HA, That was the first pattern I thought of. It is very similar to the Prudence Vest on the same site, I have made a couple and they are VERY easy!

Thanks so much, I saw that one also but was nervous about picking up the stitches around the arm holes and neck. Is that pretty easy? I’ve done it with socks but nothing that complicated. I have a pattern for a kimono sweater that I am too chicken to start because of the picking up stitches thing. I suppose if I never try it I will never learn it!!

Picking up stitches was okay for me. I did goof up and picked up unequal number of stitches on the left and right neck band. Now my neck band is asymmetric, but only I can notice it.

I think I’ll give it a try. I only knit one thing at a time so it’s back a way in line. I just got 4 new skeins of the most delicious sock yarn that I am DYING to start so I need to finish the pair I’m working on and then knit those 4 socks. I’ll post a pic when I’m done!