Pattern fo Bernat Galaxy yarn

Hi Everyone,
I recently purchased Galaxy yarn by Bernat at Mary Maxim. The price was so good. I bought 3 different colors and I think enough for 3 sweaters. However, all I seem to see are scarf patterns, hats, etc. for the yarn. There is a Knit Hits booklet out for Galaxy yarn and it costs only $1.99. Since I live in the boonies, I buy on line. It would cost almost $6 for shipping of this item. I would love to get my knitting needles going and would like the patterns. Anyone out there willing to share?

I noticed in looking that pattern book up that another store was offering it free if the purchaser bought 6 or more balls of Galaxy yarn. Perhaps check with the store if this was a general offer from Bernat as they may be willing just to send it to you.

Here was the link…I didn’t look further so it may have been this store only…however, it can’t hurt to approach the store where you bought the yarn pointing out how many balls you bought etc. Shame given the cost you didn’t get it sent with the yarn.

[SIZE=-1][B]galaxy[/B]-[B]yarn[/B]/2599 [/SIZE]

I went to Dark Lilac and ordered the pattern booklet and another item to make the shipping be worth something. I waited and waited and finally received my order. However, my invoice stated that the booklet has been discontinued. I now have an item that I really didn’t want and cannot return because it was on sale. This whole episode costed me about $21 and I am back to base one. The booklet had a price of $1.99. Dark Lilac never let me know that the booklet was no longer available. I will have to find e pattern that will work with the yarn wt. in another mag or book.:wall: