Pattern error? "Sinful Ribbed Scarf"

I’m reposting this in the pattern central forum instead of the how-to forum, hope that is ok!
I started knitting this scarf: Sinful Ribbed Scarf
But I think the pattern is incorrect. If you look at the photo in the pattern, it looks like there are knit stitches “stacked” on top of each other in pairs with one stitch in between them. The way the pattern is written, this is impossible as far as I can tell. I think the 2nd row should be “*P1, k1; rep from * across to last st, p1.”

Has anyone else tried this pattern the way it is written? It doesn’t seem to look like the picture. Am I missing something?

In chart format, the way it is written, you’d get on the right side:
oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <-you see p1, k1, p1 on the right side

If you do row 2 with p1, k1 across instead of k1, p1 you get:
xoxoxoxoxoxoxox <-you see k1, p1, k1 on the right side
which seems to match what is in the picture. To me anyway.



That looks like twin rib, which I think is usually written this way:

Multiple of 6

Row 1: *k3, p3; rep from *
Row 2: *k1, p1; rep from *

Click here for picture. Here too.

Your pattern has 3 more stitches per row, which seems to have thrown things out of whack.

Thanks! Yep, that looks like it. So I think I’ll rip out and start over following the twin rib pattern instead :slight_smile: I had only knit about an inch of the pattern as it was written and didn’t think it looked right, then I tried doing the P1, K1 and it looked better. So I needed to rip anyway!

glad you figured out the dilemma, i’m knitting my 2nd sinful scarf, this one for my mom. I absolutely looove it. :heart: :heart: