Pattern Directions Question!

I’m about to start the Preemie Knitted Booties Pattern that’s on this site. And I was reading the directions to make sure I understand everything before I start… I’m only confused by one part:

“Row 15 K6, K2 tog, K5, psso, K6 [I]19 sts left on needle[/I]”

I know that sts means stitches… I’m just not sure what exactly it’s telling me to do. Help please!

Row 15 K6, K2 tog, K5, psso, K6 [I]19 sts left on needle[/I]"

There’s something missing - psso is only part of a decrease instruction which is slip 1, k1 psso. That and k2tog are decreases so you’ll end up with 19 stitches at the end of this row.

Are you saying there are instructions missing?..

Or I’ll just have 19 leftover sts? What do I do with them?

If I have any leftover stitches do I just slip them? I ran into 2 leftover stitches on Row 7 too.

Row 7 K10, K2 together, K5, psso, K10

Idk if I did something wrong or what o.O

Well the pattern should give a definition for psso. It’s generally not used by itself, but as part of a sequence to decrease stitches, such as slip 1, k1, psso.

That’s a decrease, and so is k2tog, so at the end of row 15 you will have decreased 2 stitches and have only 19 remaining. The st number on row 7 will be decreased by 2 sts also. There’s no left [I]over[/I] sts - you’ll be left [I]with[/I] less sts means there’s that many remaining.

On row 7, you start with 29 sts and end up with 27 when you’re done. On row 15, you begin with 21 sts and have 19 at the end of the row.

Oh it does have directions for PSSO. This is what it says:


After reading what you said, I think I may have CO too many somehow… I do have 27 stitches on my right needle after working the row 7 pattern. But then I have 2 unworked sts on the left needle lol.

Which means I somehow started with 31 sts in a row… :frowning: I probably have to start over, huh?

Well there’s ways to add some extra decreases in there but you’d have to do it on 2 rows, so probably better to start over.

BTW, the usual way to write the psso decrease is skp. If you got this pattern from someone’s blog, psso is probably how they refer to it. Just wanted to let you know it’s not a standard term so if you come across SKP you’ll know it’s the same.

I’ll remember that! & I re-did it and everything turned out fine. Thank you!