Pattern Design help :(

Hello my fellow knitters! :slight_smile:

Brace yourselves… this will probably be a long and confusing post. But I will do my best to explain what I’m doing here. I absolutely love to make flags of countries I’ve visited (I know, it’s a little weird) and I have been working on the Norwegian Flag. I’ve since started a new endeavour – an Israeli flag since I will study there next year and I calculated the specs. so it comes out to scale for a twin-sized afghan: just as I had done for the Norwegian flag.

My only problem is getting the center to work out with the star.

The finished blanket should be 69.1x95 in and I’m knitting on size 7 needles.

with my calculations that should be about 484 st. x 665 st. give or take and should work out divided into the following colour blocks (the overall 69.1x95in needs to be to the scale of 8:11):
white 45 h * 665 w
blue 76 h * 665 w
white 242 h * 665 w
blue 76 h * 665 w
white 45 h * 665 w

That leaves the star which should take up 200 stitches of the 242 white block height and width but I’m not sure how I work this into the pattern.

I found a knit chart for the star, but it’s a 30x30 square. How do I increase it to compensate for the larger scale I need for my pattern?

I’m fairly new to knitting (and pattern making!) and would appreciate any help. I’m so sorry for the long post. I just wanted to make sure you had enough detail to see where I’m coming from.

All the best always,
Kuschelschaf :cool:

Oh! I completely forgot to include some important stuff!

Here’s how I came up with my calculations:

I’m using size 7 addi needles (circuluar w/ 60" cable) and Patons classic wool.

the star pattern I reference can be found here:

The rest of the pattern I made myself. So no worries about copyright infringement! :thumbsup:

Crikey, Cuddly Sheep! - if you’re wondering why you haven’t been inundated with responses, it’s possibly on two counts:
(1) your statement about being fairly new to knitting, in the context of your problem, and
(2) the intricacies of said problem.
I reckon a couple of the stars in this forum are off poring over hastily sketched charts, doing a lot of pencilling in and rubbing out …
One of 'em will come up with something, no worries.
Meanwhile, is your degree in mathematics or logic?

What an interesting series of projects. You’ve carefully thought it out.
For the stitches per inch, I’m assuming you’ve tried a gauge swatch to give you the actual number that you’ll get. For the star, you could try graphing it out on knitter’s graph paper (specifically for knitter’s because knit sts tend to be wider than they are tall). This site may help with printing out the size you need and if not there are others on the internet. There’s also a site that may help with the overall design of the afghan here.

Thank you to both of you, Marg1e and salmonmac for your replies! I’m definitely grateful for any and all help!

I’m actually not a math major, I have degrees in Finance, German and Judaic Studies – so I guess it might be the finance part of me that fell into a weird set of formulaic calculations. (which, especially for me, is rather unusual!)

I appreciate the graph paper and I’ll go ahead and try to chart that out and let you know if I have any luck. :happydance: :knitting:

All the best always,

Wow. That’s a cool project. I’m impressed. I was thinking along the same lines as salmonmac but she has a better grasp of it, thank goodness! I hope we get to see the flag when it’s done, as you go along pics would be nice too. Could you post a photo of the Norwegian flag you’ve done? Please, pretty please.