Pattern design assistance

Hello :grinning:

I am in the process of trying to design my first pattern. For context, it is basically a spiral in which I have attempted to pick out a linear spiral shape against a stockinette stitch background. It generally works ok, but there is one issue I am struggling to overcome. The first 8/9 rows work really well, but when I get to the point where I attempt to move on to the vertical strip on the left hand side (indicated with a circle), the knit stitches all move to the back. They still look like knit stitches (so I feel that I haven’t started knitting on the wrong side, although I appreciate that may be the problem) but they kind of look like they invert and the raised element of them goes to the back.

I realise taking a photo would probably have helped but I didn’t think until I had unpicked it! I hope this explanation makes sense. I’m very new to learning pattern design.

Many thanks in advance,



I’m not sure that I understand. Yes, a photo would help.
It is in the nature of knit sts to recede to the background next to purl sts. Which are the squares with the dots?