Pattern confusion

i am making a tea cozy the pattern reads “Tw2R = knit into front of 2nd st on left hand needle, then knit into front of 1st st, slipping both sts off needle together.” Can somebody help me make sense of this, i dont’ think that i am doing it properly.

That’s a “Twist 2 right” it’s basically a 2 stitch cable which twists right. You can do what they say, or if you find that illogical, just work as though doing a cable.
Place the first stitch on a cable needle, knit the second then knit the stitch off the cable needle.
The directions as written in the pattern simply allow you to bypass the cable needle.

It can be awkward at first when you do the right twist, but once you get used to it, it’s so much easier than using a cable needle for one stitch. Also, it doesn’t look like much after you first do it–the effect is more obvious after another row or two.