Pattern Clarification please!

I am just starting on the Fuzzyfeet felted slippers pattern from knitty and I need some help clarifying the pattern please.

In the section where the heel directions start, it says:

"Knit 11 sts past the marker, then turn and work back over the stitches you’ve just worked [ignoring the other 22 stitches on your needle, which will be held to become the instep] and

Heel row 1: sl 1, p 21, turn
Heel row 2: sl 1, k 21, turn

Repeat these 2 rows…"

It’s the part that I have bolded that I’m confused about. Am I actually supposed to DO something with that part, or is that just referring to beginning the heel rows 1 & 2???

Its just referring to the stitches on the beginning of that row, the ones you just worked on, then turn.

It’s a short row, so you’ll knit 11 sts past the marker, then turn your work around so you’re ready to start heel row one by working back the way you came, leaving the remaining 22 sts on the needle.

Gotcha. I was just a bit confused, because it didn’t just say “Turn your work and start with heel row 1”

Thanks to both of you. :thumbsup: