Pattern chart magnifier: I think I need one!

Yeah, I had a lot of trouble on keeping track on this gorgeous sock pattern and I think I need one of those magnifiers.
Knitpicks? I went to staples but they didn’t have anything?

Anybody use one?

Oh yes, Ijust found this: it’s pretty good lookin’

I use a regular copy holder you can buy from any office supply store.

Here’s a link for an example:

Thanks Susan! That’s a good idea but my eyes are so bad, I need a magnifier also I think…

Do you use reading glasses? If not. give them a try. Start with the 1.25 lens and see if that helps. The cheapees in the drugstore work just fine.

Or enlarge the pattern on a copier.

I always blow up the pattern at a copier. It is easier than a magnifier which has to be moved each row, and can sometimes slip.

I tried the magnifier, reading glasses…etc. I’ve found blowing up the pattern makes life soo much easier.

Michaels has magnifiers. I bet most craft store would have them now that I think about it. Try looking in the cross stitch section. That is where you would find them. My gram used one that was a long rod when seeing her cross stitch patterns got too difficult. For a picture and better description of what I am talking about go here and scroll to the last item on the page.

I bought a page magnifier at a book store years ago. I would think that they still have them. Good luck and hope you find one. I do like the line magnifier for my lace work. The charts are sometimes just to small for these eyes. The price is pretty good too.


Oops I forgot to come back! Those are great ideas. Geez I never even thought about copying it bigger duh. I think I’ll get a magnifier in the future but I can do that for now. THANKS EVERYONE!:hug: