Pattern calls for worsted, any way I can use Dk?

I have a pattern for a long cardigan which calls for Patons Classic Wool Worsted with Guage of 17-18/26 using 5mm needle. I was just curious if I could use Patons Classic Wool Dk super wash. The ball and Guage for the super wash is 22/28 using a 4mm needle. I’m prepared to adjust pattern but would it be worth it? I just thought the super wash may be advantageous…
Thank you in advance…

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Can you give us the name of the pattern you’re looking at?
It is possible to knit the cardigan with the thinner yarn but you’ll have to either knit a larger size or modify the pattern itself. Make a gauge swatch and see what you get with your yarn and needles. Then you’ll be able to decide.
Have you looked for similar patterns on Ravelry in the DK weight or considered a worsted superwash?
For myself, these last would be a better alternative than modifying the pattern.

Thank You for your advice. The pattern I’m doing is called Louhi Coat and Pohjan Neito Cardigan. It’s the long one, Louhi which does have some instruction on changing sizes. I’m gonna look into it again, there’s also another couple I’m considering but I liked this one as it is long already… sdonasnrse

Both are really lovely sweaters. The Pohjan neito would work with the DK yarn since the gauge is 23sts/4inches. it’s definitely not as long as the Louhi pattern but very nice.

Could you just make the one with the DK directions longer?