Pattern advice

So I’m still pretty new, but I’ve finished two scarves in a garter pattern, and I’m working on my first ribbed scarf (1x1 rib), but after that… I don’t know what I should do next! I’m making my gifts for this x-mas, and I’ve got the two women on my list out of the way, so what would be a good project for say, a teenaged boy OR a middle-aged man? (I’ve got two teenaged boys and two middle-aged men to work for, god help me.)

HATS. HATS HATS HATS. They are EASY and a GREAT way to introduce yourself to circs and practice your decreases!

I agree, although I admit I’ve never made a hat before lol. I know how one is done though. I just need to get off my butt and make one…after these socks, fingerless gloves, sweaters, and scarf… haha.

Definitely hats! I’m making hats for my BILs. They’re much quicker than scarves, at least for me, so I’m not as likely to get bored while making them either! Plus they’re a fun and easy introduction to decreasing and knitting in the round, like Kelly said.

thanks everyone! I think that’s definitely the way to go… I can make some manly grey hats, or cool multi-coloured hats for the young ones. I’m also thinking, if I start now, of making an afghan for my little (ha!) brother who goes off to college in a couple of years… good going away present, or embarrassing conversation piece?