Pattern a day calendar

I picked up two calendars today from Costco - one for me, one for my SIL. I cheated… I looked through the whole flippin’ thing! There are some GREAT patterns!! Just thought I’d let you all know. :wink:

You cheated! How could you! :shock:

:roflhard: I’m not opening mine until January 1, and I’m only going to look at one each day. So there! :wink:

Isnt it a PERPETUAL calendar?? :??

Nope, mine’s got the date and year.

[size=2]I think that’s why they call it a [/size]Calendar! :rofling:

Is there a link to that calendar please?? :thinking: :XX:

Are they actual patterns, for garments and things, or it is just stitch patterns?

this is where I got mine.

here is the link

they are actual garments, purses, shawls, hats, socks, etc. To be fair though, there are many many of them that are free on the internet. BUT trying to find them all and compile them would take a lot more time than just going and buying the box at your favorite store. i got mine at B&N today with my discount card so i was happy! :wink:

edited—try that link now. if it doesn’t work go to and type “knit” in the search field!

orrrrrrrr you can follow Ingrid’s link…lol

Thank you very much! :XX:

I tried to get the 2005 and they were sold out in Dec 2004! So, get it while u can!!!
Ingrid, I CANNOT believe that you have such self control as to actually wait until Jan 1!! Good for you :cheering: :cheering:
I am busy buying addi’s so I’m not worrying about the calendar unless Lonnie surprises me with one…Yep, I decided to switch to addi’s after I found the cheap ones :happydance: :happydance: I’m going to be a full fledged addi-snob in a month or so :wink: !!!

We need to have a color that depicts sarcasm. OF COURSE I looked through the patterns!!! I may even take out the ones I like and set them aside elsewhere. I have other calendars to keep track of the date!!

Addis. :heart:

That’s an AWESOME calendar! It went RIGHT on my Amazon wishlist! :cheering:

Okay, that really straightened out my FEAR!!! I thought that you had gotten weird on us :roflhard: :roflhard: