'Patt'?! Stuck on a pattern, please help!

Hullo there,

I’m new to the forum and looking for some help with a knitting pattern I’m working on. It’s all been going just fine up until now - I’m making a hat and have been doing fisherman’s rib and it looks lovely. I’m now ready to shape the crown but I’m completely flummoxed by the instructions in the pattern and wondered if anyone could help at all, it would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

The pattern says:

for shaping the crown
Next row: Patt 5, K3tog, (patt 7, K3 Tog) 4 times, patt 5. 43 sts
Work 4 rows straight.
Next row: Patt 4, K3tog, (patt 5, K3tog) 4 times, patt 4. 33 sts
Work 4 rows straight.
Next row: Patt 3, K3tog, (patt 3, K3 tog) 4 times, patt 3, 23 sts
Work 4 rows straight
Next row: Patt 2, K3tog, (patt 1, K3 tog) 4 times, patt 2. 13 sts

So all I can find out from google is that ‘patt’ means ‘pattern’ but that doesn’t really help me at all, because I don’t know what ‘pattern’ means in a knitting instruction… it sort of looks to me like for the first row I’m just meant to K3tog the whole way through, but if that’s the case it’s written out in a very complicated way… can anybody offer any advice at all?

Thank you!

Patt in this case means the stitch pattern you’ve been working in - fisherman’s rib, it sounds like. So you’d knit five stitches in the rib pattern, then k3tog, then seven stitches in the rib pattern, k3tog, and so on.

The rib is going to move and shift as you work the decreases, so you need to know how to “read” the pattern so you can keep it going in the right places. Knit the knits in the knit columns and then whatever the next sequence is in the other columns as you come to them.

Ahh, that seems to make sense!! Thank you! I’m gonna try it and see if I can’t sort it out. Thanks so much for the reply, really appreciate it :smiley:

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