Patt 30


Hi there, I’m new to knitting and have started my first baby matinee jacket by Sirdar 1579.
I’ve completed the bottom border, after a few attempts, but I’m now stuck . I’m at the point where it says : Next Row. Patt 30 (…….), s1,k1,psso, k2, k2tog, patt 48 (……) etc. Does patt 30 mean knit in patt. for 30 rows?. If so how does the rest of the instructions fit in as the beginning of the rows have either K2 or K5 to start the pattern at the border?


Patt 30 or patt 48 means to work those stitches in the established pattern. For this next row. knit in pattern for the given number of stitches. On the following rows, see what the next directions are.


Thank you for your reply, will try following with stitches not rows!!, still a bit confused but will give it a go.


It may help to count off the sts and place markers to make sire that you stay in pattern.