Patt 2 together in moss stitching

I’m knitting a cardigan in moss stitch. I have the back done, the front and left side up to shaping armhole and lapel.
it says patt 2 together (armhole edge patt to last 2sts inc in next st (lapel edge). I’m getting confused… as the next 5 rows are dec 1 at armhole edge in every row at same time increase 1 st at lapel edge as before in 4th row. I’m having a hard time keeping the moss stitch going… I’m ended up with a rib stitch… how do I know if I need to purl or knit at the beginning of next row after I have decreased and increased…
it’s a sirdar design 7187 “the Diamond Jacket”

thank you

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The best thing to do is to look at the moss stitch pattern that you worked on the previous row and determine what the stitch on the current row should be. Then count backwards from that to the beginning of the row so that you’ll know which stitch to begin with. I name the stitches on the needle knit or purl as I work back to the first stitch. You need only do this for about 3-4sts so it’s not so difficult.
This is a way of reading your knitting and it is a useful skill for all sorts of patterns.
Very good looking jacket.

Thank you for your instruction!!! I have written it down to be able to follow the directions… yes t is a nice looking jacket… I managed to knit it this far, hopefully I can finish it… I will post a picture!!! thank you for your help… appreciate it!!!