Patrons honeycomb classic arran sweater

I am starting to knit this sweater. the pattern states (RS). (P1. Work 1st row panel A) 0(1-0-0)time. P4(2-2-4)C2B,P2. I’m knitting for size Small and the instructions are written for this size larger sizes are in ( ). The pattern is over 6 stitches.My question is when pattern states work first row 0 times I was told that means to knit 6 stitches, is this the correct way to read the pattern ?
Thanks so much

Generally a 0 (or x or -) for your size means to skip that direction completely. Go on to the next direction unless your pattern states otherwise.
The row would become:
(RS). P4, C2B, P2, and then on to the rest of the row.

The row adds up to 134sts without working the (p1, panel A) or substituting sts for it.

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Thank you. What I was told before didn’t make sense to me.

You’re instincts were correct. It’s going to be a gorgeous sweater.

Thank you!

I too started this sweater. But having problems. I’m doing the XLarge. On the back, after the ribbing we were told to increase by 39 in the last ribbing row. Total of 168 stitches. But when starting the patterns, adding up all the stitches only equals 147. 21 are missing. I believe we were supposed to do row 1 of pattern A 3 times - but it does not say that. Same for row 2.

Can anyone help with this? Very confused. Tried gettin in touch with Gayle Bunn unsuccessfully.

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It helps to write the row out and count the sts then place markers between sections of the patterns A, B and C just to maintain sanity. Once you’ve worked the first few rows, it’s all much easier. It may also help to circle the numbers for your size even though they are color coded. Anything to make knitting the set up rows easier.
I get 168sts. The pattern does tell you to work pattern A several times in 4 different places (once at the beginning, once at the end and 3 times twice on either side of pattern B).

1st row: (RS). (P1. Work 1st row Panel Pat A) 1 time. 7sts
P2. Tw2R. P2. 6sts
(Work 1st row Panel Pat A. P2. Tw2R. P2) 3 times. 36sts
Work 1st row Panel Pat B. P2. Tw2R. P1.18sts
Work 1st row Panel Pat C. P1. Tw2R. P2. 39sts
Work 1st row Panel Pat B. 13sts
(P2. Tw2R. P2. work 1st row Panel Pat A) 3 times. 36sts
P2. Tw2R. P2. 6sts
(Work 1st row Panel Pat A. P1) 1 time. 7sts