Patrons honeycomb classic arran sweater

I am starting to knit this sweater. the pattern states (RS). (P1. Work 1st row panel A) 0(1-0-0)time. P4(2-2-4)C2B,P2. I’m knitting for size Small and the instructions are written for this size larger sizes are in ( ). The pattern is over 6 stitches.My question is when pattern states work first row 0 times I was told that means to knit 6 stitches, is this the correct way to read the pattern ?
Thanks so much

Generally a 0 (or x or -) for your size means to skip that direction completely. Go on to the next direction unless your pattern states otherwise.
The row would become:
(RS). P4, C2B, P2, and then on to the rest of the row.

The row adds up to 134sts without working the (p1, panel A) or substituting sts for it.

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Thank you. What I was told before didn’t make sense to me.

You’re instincts were correct. It’s going to be a gorgeous sweater.

Thank you!