Patrick’s flowers

Could someone please explain the flower part of this pattern? How do I do it?

Is it the magic circle that’s causing the problem? Here’s a video that may help. She’s working different sts into the circle but you would simply row a round of single crochet, Magic Circle

Hi Salmonac,

It’s the actual diagram I don’t understand. I’ve only ever followed a written pattern so don’t actually know how to read the diagram.

For that I think we need some real crochet help: @GrumpyGramma, @Mike, @OffJumpsJack

Thank you! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I don’t want to be beaten!

I have no idea.

Where’s the pattern from? I’d like to see it if possible before I attempt to decode it. I make no promises that I can but between us we should be able to figure out enough and find you other online help so you can do it.

Rav link is above. Thanks, GG and Mike.

Thanks. I missed that the link was there. I can at this point say I’m wearing my baffled face. I’ll have to see what I can figure. Right now I’m confused by the red ovals. I recognize chain and double crochet symbols but how to put it together is a mystery. I’ll let you know if I figure something out.

I am with GG. These are not your typical crochet symbols.
an oval is a chain, X for SC, “T slash” for the DC, (Note: the number of slashes indicates the yarn over wraps needed for the stitch: one for DC two for a treble, etc.)

Is the author using the tiny circles for SC?

Are the large ovals foundation chains, or to be worked into green SC sts?

Woohoo! I think I figured it out. One piece of advice: Ditch the chart entirely. The rest of this post is my thoughts and what I tried but no advice. I looked at the picture on Ravelry to figure it out.

Start with 9 sc in a ring - I used a magic circle. Do not join. Turn.
Row 1: 2 sc in each sc; ch 2 or 3; turn
Petals are worked over 6 sts ea
6 dc; turn
6 sc; finish off

Repeat petal 2x for a total of 3 reattching yarn for each petal (ch 2 or 3 or standing double crochet or other method for starting with a dc at the beginning of a row.)

Slip stitching across and down the side of the petal mght work to avoid cutting the yarn.
I’m not even trying to write a pattern so I hope my notes make sense.
I think it will work. I don’t feel like finishing this right now so I’m stopping with one petal.
A shamrock pattern would probably work for this.


Massive thanks GrumpyGramma (and everyone else). I will give this a go! :slight_smile:

Thanks again !

I hope it works out to you satisfaction. If so you could include how you did it on a Ravelry project page along with your picture(s) and it might help someone else. Happy hooking!

Oh yeah. We want to see your project too!

How cute! You did fantastic! I like your flower.

I took your advice and just did a shamrock pattern :grinning:


That was just “thinking out loud” but it worked! There is almost always more than one solution to a problem. You really did a great job on this.
Where the idea came from isn’t as important as what you do.