Patons website?

So I saw a free pattern on Patons website (the Shadow Cables Pullover) that I wanted a closer look at. My pre-saved password “didn’t match” (???) and “forgot password” “could not process query”. Trying to sign up with a different email address didn’t work either.

Can anyone else see this pattern? Or am I just messed up?

That same thing is happening to me on the Bernat website just now. I couldn’t look up a pattern that someone had asked a question on and I couldn’t get Bernat to email my password, nor could I make a new account there.

All sites go down sometimes, just try again later.

I tried it with the p/w I knew was right and it wouldn’t let me in either. Must be a day for database gremlins.

They may have been doing some maintenance on the site, that will cause you to get “locked out”. It’s a pain, but it happens. Did you manage to get back on there?