Paton's Shetland Bulky - Great Deal!

I was at my local Michaels last night and returned some yarn I didn’t care for and picked up a few new things including some Paton’s Shetland Bulky that was marked $3 on clearance. When I got to my car and looked at my receipt, they rang up for $.49! I went back in and bought 12 more! I asked the cashier to do a price check on it and she said it was $.49. I’m thinking about running back today to get more.
Any good pattern ideas? I got the sage green, rust and yellow.

Great deal! But, what is going on at Michaels? They all seem to be having deep discounts on yarn at the moment. Well, not the one near me, but a lot of others.

Could it be the Spring stock is coming in?

Do you mean the Shetland Chunky? If so- I LOVE that stuff, especially for throws and afghans. It’s so soft and lovely and inexpensive- but $.49…that’s just CRAZY!

What a steal!! You lucky girl

All these posts about Michaels lately - I haven’t been to either of the 2 near me in months - MUST GO TONIGHT!! LOL

Sorry! I did mean Shetland Chunky – not Bulky.

I did find a Lion brand pattern for an afghan using the size 50 needles that called for four strands of Homespun. Do you think I would only need one or two of the Chunky?

I made a Lion Brand throw with size 50s and I used 4 strands I beleieve. I think Homespun is chunky too- no? I liked the Patons better than the Homespun because the Homespun frayed at the ends of the fringe- or so I hear.

Probably 2, but knit up a bit of it and see.

Thanks for the help!

I’ll try to knit up a little this weekend to test it. That is… right after I finish the two front panels of the sweater, attach handles to the Booga Bag, and add fun fur trim to my dog sweater. I’m trying hard to finish one project before I start another but you can see how that’s working out. LOL.

I would do a swatch to see - Homespun is a chunky weight as well - good luck!

Which throw pattern are you thinking of doing? I definitely used 4 strands, 2 of one colour and one of each of the other colours. The gauge for my throw didn’t matter TOO much. I made the Quick Knit throw.

I looked it up and the Homespun’s gauge is:
14 St sts and 20 rows = 4" (10cm) on size 10 (6mm) needles

and Paton’s Chunky is:
15 sts - 20 rows = 4" (10 cm) on 6.00 mm, US - 10

It doesn’t look like it’s that different in gauge…1 stitch difference in four inches, right?

What a great bargain. I made a lot of my hats with that yarn.

The Michael’s closest to my house is having a sale on Patons Shetland Tweeds, but they are 2/$8 hehe.

I was looking on Ravelry for patterns that would be good for it and I was thinking of Calorimetry or maybe some spiffy wristwarmers or a niftly fluffy hat.


Alright, that’s it, I’m heading to Michael’s. :teehee: