Patons pattern need help

I am a fairly new knitter and I’m knitting a tank top from a Patons pattern. . The wording has been a challenge in a couple of areas but I have muddled through. I have gotten to the neck shaping and am struggling with the wording of the following;

This should be on the ws.

Working last side (Right Front) first, proceed as follows across 46 sts:

Next row: (WS) …

How are both rows the wrong side row???

This is just confusing and likely unnecessary wording. The pattern is trying to say that you’ll be working on the last group of sts after the cast off. This is the Right Front of the garment.
I’ve marked the RS and then the following WS rows.

You’re doing very well working your way through some of these puzzling patterns!

Thank you so much. I must read and re-read a dozen times. The whole pattern is like this. You are a life saver!!


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