Paton's instruction help


I am knitting a jumper for my grandson. I am an experienced knitter but this is the first time I have really been stumped. I have attached the pattern I’m making.

The first, and part of the second page gives the pattern instructions quite clearly. I have completed this part and have done the first four rows of the reversing of colors for the top of the back. When I get to the rows that shape the armholes I can’t understand if they are row five and six or if I start back at one of the four above.

Hope someone can assist.

Can’t seem to upload my pattern but if someone is willing to help I can email it.

Paton’s Astra Cable and Checks Set for a toddler. Because this is my first post apparently I can’t upload anything.


Looks like you complete row 4 of the new (reversed) pattern and begin shaping the armholes on row 5, a knit row. Cast off the appropriate number of sts for the size you’re making and then continue in the reversed pattern until the armhole is the appropriate length for the size you are making.

Thanks but I’m not sure which row is row 5. Is it a repeat of row 1 of the four rows above?

I know I start decreasing after row 4 but it doesn’t identify the next two rows as 5 and 6. And if they are how do I know what the pattern is in row 5 and 6. And then after 6 do I start back at number 1 (of four).

The bottom half of the back has 8 rows to the pattern and the top half is supposed to be the same just reversed so how can 4 (or is it 6) give the same pattern.

I’m confused or am I confusing.

The instructions give you rows 1-4. Rows 5 and 6 are the cast off for the armholes. The pattern they’ve given you in rows 1-4 sets up the solid block of color A on one side and the alternating stripes of MC and B on the other side. These patterns are the same as the first blocks at the lower portion of the back (all are 10 row patterns) but on the upper portion of the back, the placement of blocks is reversed.
row 1 uses MC first then A
row 3 uses B first then A
row 5 uses MC and then A
row 7 uses B first then A
row 9 uses MC first then A
Use the same color for the even or purl rows that you used to work the previous knit row. You’ll be purling the yarn back to the start and it will be ready to use the next time it’s needed for a knit row.
So, like the picture, you’ll have a block of solid color and a block of stripes.

Thank you - you’re brilliant. Also, it seems so obvious when explained properly.